Bricole Reincke is a creative professional based in Southwest Ranches. For the past 15 years, she has built a flourishing life in the area based on her career with Interactive Metronome. The company offers an interactive program that can be used by patients with a wide array of disabilities, developmental delays, and more. As the name suggests, Interactive Metronome’s program uses sounds and timing-based activities as a therapeutic tool, resulting in notable gains in terms of cognition, attention, and memory among patients.

Bricole started working at Interactive Metronome as a marketing coordinator in 2004, developing and implementing marketing and advertising campaigns while maintaining detailed records of data, both internal and external. Bricole enjoyed and found so much success in this role, that she recognized the ways she could better serve the company.

After 3 years as a marketing coordinator, Bricole transitioned into the role of Director of the Marketing and Communications department. This new role enabled her to manage a wider array of campaigns and maximizing the market penetration of Interactive Metronome. In 2010, she oversaw the launch of the IM-Home Project, a new way of bringing the Interactive Metronome product to those who need it. Serving as Brand Manager, she closely monitored the branding and campaigning behind the product, ensuring its usefulness and benefits resonated with the target audience. Through her success in this position, Bricole earned recognition for her work and sharp eye for the market.

Through this success and recognition, Bricole Reincke was soon promoted to Vice President of Marketing. This role allowed her to utilize her perspective that integrated her marketing expertise into the strategies of the whole marketing department. As Vice President of Marketing, she manages the marketing, support, and education departments. Her past experiences help her to work with those in her past roles to ensure that the strategies that are enacted across the organization are consistent in their message and branding.

Bricole Reincke’s career has allowed her to utilize her creativity and talents in the marketing field to their fullest potential. Thanks to her acumen, the company’s marketing strategy gained an entirely new method of plying the font of material proving the efficacy of their product. She has nearly 20 years of her career tied with the upward trajectory of the Interactive Metronome company and is looking forward to continuing to build, innovate, and find new ways to bring the tool to clinicians across the globe.

As a creative soul at heart, Bricole’s work in marketing has allowed her to easily mesh her artistic and professional passions. Outside of her professional life, she understands the importance of a healthy work-life balance and finds outlets for her creativity through hobbies including cooking, art, and music. For Bricole Reincke, every act can be an outlet for expression and creativity.