The business world (and indeed the world at large) has long suffered from a lack of women in leadership positions. Not only would women gain from ascending to leadership roles, but organizations would benefit from having a diversity of voices in key discussions. Luckily, in recent years, a series of positive developments indicates that the world is in the midst of serious change. Since 2010, the number of women in executive roles has significantly increased. Organizations have successfully lobbied for more inclusive and diverse leadership in a number of fields. All the same, there is still considerable work to do before society will be truly equitable and women will be properly represented.

Increasing the number of women leaders requires a strategy. Diversity and leadership consultants think they’ve latched onto an effective plan: championing women leaders. This concept of “championing” describes the purposeful promotion and development of female leaders. It calls for a focus on relationships, and advocates point to five pillars of its successful implementation that form the acronym “C.H.A.M.P.”

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